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Who are we?

At MOC capital is an international investment and incubation platform, unlocking value and growth in enterprise.


is MoC?

During Miracles of Capital you discover model for building and scaling companies in time most people think impossible.

Forget slow, organic growth. Unicorn investor Dr Wong shows how to go from zero to 500 employees in 5 years. How to raise margins and outclass your competition at the same time. And how to raise so much funds for growth that your only remaining problem becomes ‘How do I spend it well?”.

Dr Wong is a practitioner. He’s proven formula is responsible for 17 successful IPO’s, with more to come. You can have similar results if you just use his know-how.

Meeting schedule


How to do the impossible

Learn how to cross the thin line between logic and miracles. Learn how to use tools such as monetizing projects from inception, establishing international brands affordably, and making cash several times on the same product/service. Discover the advantages of going public through IPOs and techniques to attract investment effortlessly. Dive into concepts like building self-sustaining companies using the Red Dot Theory.

Exponential growth of company

Uncover strategies for exponential growth and learn how to issue shares while retaining control. Gain insights into the psychology of bankers, along with a financial roadmap to attract investors. Avoid costly mistakes with expert guidance on capital raising. Navigate the roadmap to IPO success with a step-by-step implementation guide, including the ultimate secret to conducting a successful IPO within a short timeframe

Exponential growth of wealth

Discover unconventional ways of increasing company value beyond core operations. Gain access to knowledge guarded by industry giants like JP Morgan and Blackstone. Understand what capitalists and investment bankers seek in potential ventures. Master the art of investor relations and talent retention by analysing case studies, including the business model of a $28 billion project led by Dr. Wong.


from our lecturer and entrepreneurs

Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong

our lecturer

Dawid Mrotek

entrepreneur / finances

Marek Bernaciak

Maciej Firsowicz


Adam Stępnik
Maciej Gnyszka
Andrzej Stępnik
Maciej Koper


Tomasz Ciosek
Marcin Milczarek
Rafael Badziag
Kamil Gancarz
Krzysztof Bernaciak
Varun Malik
John Burness


Miracles of Capital Event

During the conference you will learn the following


Ways of increasing company valuation & exit strategies for founders


Setting company up for growth & succession planning framework


Adding new revenue streams & creating an investable business


Increasing margins by implementing financial control


How to multiply wealth – mindset and tools


Making investors love giving you money – Roadshow psychology


Getting them on your side – Investor relationship management

Learn from practitioners

see beyond your limited scope, create hidden business models and build visibility and clarity in your business

Investment opportunities

the ideal program to provide ample opportunities for angel investors or private equities

Seed funding

what type of funds is best for your business? which type of people is best as your investors at this stage?

Global connection

moc is an capital mechanism programme with members in 14 countries

Incubator & accelerator

improve your current business model to have a clear financial roadmap that compells investors


open up network opportunities with far east investors and entrepreneurs

Where are we?

Global business network of MOC is present on the following markets:

  • South Africa
  • Vietnam
  • Brunei
  • Macau
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

For whom?

For Entrepreneur


Whether you’ve been in business one week or ten years, an infusion of funds is always the fuel to propel your enterprise. But what type of funds and Investors are most suitable for Your Projects?

There are too many factors to consider; accessing all revenue reachable by your current business model, creating a clear Financial Roadmap are only two of many issues.

At MOC Capital, entrepreneurs & investors come together to create a sustainable Capital platform to help you with this and much more.

For investor


Want to provide more than just money? Seeking to invest in buiness with strong business models & stronger principals? Looking for constant growth and clear exit strategies in your investments?

If you believe investment is essentially investing first in People, you will find MOC Capital platform as the ideal program to provide ample opportunities for us as Angel Investors or Private Equity.


dr. Jeh Shyan Wong

Co-Founder and director

Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong was the former-CEO of CommerceNet Singapore from 2000-2010. He currently heads the CNSG Consulting Group as the Consulting Partner, and also serves as the founding partner in Shyan Associates in Singapore, and co-founded Orientis VC in South Africa. He currently advises multiple start-ups and investment groups.

Dr. Wong specialises in corporate restructuring and corporate turn-around; revenue streams development and cashflow management; mergers and acquisition. His forte includes sophisticated financial modeling and business modelling. He is also well known for aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering. He often leads complicated cross national boundary pilot projects, with a special focus on high risks catalyst/strategic ventures. He is also a proponent of investment trusts.

Dr. Wong co-founded MCCB in 2015 with the aim to build one of the most comprehensive investment portfolio comprising of capital mechanism savvy companies.

Schedule consists of 10 lectures


  1. Capital Mechanism, Mindset and Business Models
  2. Valuation Basics Investors Relationship Management
  3. Red Dots Theory and Corporate Structure
  4. Branding and Positioning, Securing Value and Premium
  5. Shares Issues and Financial Road Map
  6. Calculating detailed KPIs, ESOS and SIG
  7. Corporate Restructuring
  8. Financial Budgeting and Financial Control
  9. Mergers & Acquisitions
  10. Investment Portfolio, Game Theory and Wealh Creation

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